A slow week

Not much has been going on regarding the house front lately.  Outside of just trying to keep it clean it seems to be able to self destruct all on it’s own.  Charlie helps too.  He did a good number this week on our new living room rug.  I guess wool carpet is pretty tasty to a dog.  Then again I’m talking about an animal that we can’t get to stop eating sticks, twigs and limbs.  If our neighbor would trim her trees sometime this decade it wouldn’t be such a problem, but each time he goes out to wee I have to pull sticks out of his mouth before he gobbles them up.  Dogs are very strange creatures.

For all of you on wits end wondering what was the outcome of my dear poor laptop you will be glad to know that my data was recoverable and I’ll be back up and running by tomorrow when I go pick up my decrepit machine and its files.  We got the new desktop delivered yesterday.  I got everything, including the wireless to work within 20 mins…not to shabby.  Now if I could just figure out this Windows Vista.  

In other exciting news I booked hotels for our trip to Rome and Florence.  Spending $$ in places where it would better be spent on…gee… I don’t know a new kitchen, a new spare bathroom, dry wall for the basement, new gutters, new windows..the list is endless.  But we have to schedule fun sometimes right??  Right??  I’m pretty excited about our choices, but I’ll withold gushing about them til we get the full on experiance in November.  Just looking at the pictures of the area make me salivate.  I need a vacation!

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