Pests and the people who kill them.

We have ants in our kitchen.  I know, it’s gross but I’m OK sharing it with you because I know my kitchen is clean (well as clean as you can get 30 year old orange formica) and the ants are some how confused.  What I can’t figure out is why they keep coming in when it seems none of their little ant friends are coming out?  This is why they are ants and I am human I suppose.

It has been a festival of dunces trying to get someone out here to help us with our problem.  We have this plan with Terminex that we acquired when I wanted to kill the carpenter bees (by the way note to my boss who told me I “wouldn’t be able to get rid of them”…I did…they are gone…I haven’t seen one in months) which covers everything under the roof except termites.  It’s a hefty plan, and we paid a pretty penny for it.  I called, asked for them to send someone and she said someone would call me back for an appt.  So I waited…and waited…and then 2 days later I called back.  This time she got my bug man on the phone and we are all set for today…I think.


The other pest problem we had, I guess, in the past, was termites.  The house has been treated and these little flying saucer like disks are located all over the place to monitor for termites.  These belong to Orkin.  The nice Orkin man came out to remove the disks shortly after we moved in and Royce asked him “Gee sir can you sign over the current contract with us?  sure?  great!  see you in January”.   I even have the little bill that says “New Owners wish to continue contract”.  Its June and I haven’t seen the Orkin man, nor have I received a bill, nor have the little space saucer things disappeared.  So I called.  

Orkin: Your account on this house is closed Ma’am. 
Me:  I know, we told the man to put us on the contract but we never recived a bill
O:  that’s because the account is closed
Me:  Long pause —  I know, could we reinstate it?
O:  We don’t do that
Me:  Why?
O:  Because we have to come out and retreat your house.
Me:  Why?  I don’t have termites right now, I just need a termite ‘watch’ which is what the PO’s had.
O:  We have to re-treat.
Me:  (he is really stuck on this isn’t he?)  This doesn’t make any sense.  I’m not paying 2k for you to re-treat my house for termites…I shouldn’t have to call you to get your business in the first place…when we moved in you should have been asking us if we wanted to continue the coverage the PO’s had.  Would you like us to take our business somewhere else?
O:  Don’t treaten me.  

OKaaayy…so no more Orkin.  The kicker was that Orkin wouldn’t even estimate the $$ it would cost to retreat (I got 2k because that is what the PO’s paid) they just come out and treat and then you are stuck with the bill when they were done.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?  Now I have to call them to tell them to remove their stupid space disks.  What lousy customer service.  We are getting an estimate from Terminex today.  They were supposed to come Wednesday but never showed.  We just can’t seem to catch a break with these bug-men.

Hopefully the termite guy and the ant guy show up today.

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