A little reminder that we are not as invincible as we think we are

A very good friend of mine has been sick for a while…ICU sick…not stuff that anyone my age should have to deal with. Her and her husband are one year up on us on this marriage thing. That ‘in sickness and in health’ bit is really being tested for them and has blown the dust off of our minds that we are not as protected as we think we are.

After being hospitalized about a month now I believe she is doing better…its been a long haul for both of them. She is finally writing, but she still can’t talk. Her first questions to her husband was “what’s going on with my job?” and “how are you paying bills without the user ID’s and passwords?”. Eerie. But an eye opener. What would happen if I was gone from work? Who knows…would Royce even know who to call at my office? Probably not. I at least have the number to the ER where he works to get the number to his boss. And the finances? Although we sit down regularly and talk about where we are and where we need to be with our $$ I am holding all those user ID’s and passwords securely in my brain. Not good enough. Not even close.

In this day and age where bills don’t even come through the mail anymore but get delivered to personal email accounts it is easy, if not too easy, for a member to become detached from a couples finances. If there is anything I’ve learned from my friends, it is to make sure both parties are prepared and know what to do. And that thing that every financial planner tells you about saving up 3 months of living expenses for emergencies??…I believe in that more than God itself. We are now prepared. I think. There is at least a list with all our info for Royce to take to a financial planner who can pay the bills for him if he needs to. I guess we also need to get a power of attorney as well.

All we can do is hope we don’t need it.


  1. That is really great advice, Julie. I handle most of the bills, too, and I’m sure James would be at a loss if he had to figure them out. I’ll make sure now that he knows all those secret passwords and websites that I’ve got stored in my brain, too.

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