weeds and window trim

We finally gave in to the weeds out front. Although I hate our landscaped beds with a passion and dream fitful dreams at night of ripping them out we needed to face…the weeds…

They were taking over. It was a hard job, took the two of us over 2 hours this morning to finish one side of the lawn. I had to quit after 2 hours because of my allergies, I was itching everywhere. Royce was a saint and continued on to the other half which wasn’t as bad…but he also laid mulch so he is stronger than my weak self who was banished inside to do simple things like dust and laundry.

We also finished the window moulding in the living room. Would have taken less time if our miter saw could cut a 60 degree angle but we weren’t smart enough to figure out how to solve our 30 degree angle problems so Royce just went to the Home Depot and bought a new top trim.

Its all in place though…we will paint it tomorrow before my fellowship metor, Patrick, arrives for dinner. We also have plans on taking Charlie to Quiet Waters, a dog park/beach/water park where dogs get to swim freely and enjoy the hot summer days. Hopefully I’ll have some pictures for tomorrow.

Right now we are enjoying a relaxing restful night with our neighbors Brett and Jen. Jen picked up some shrimp from a local lady and I’m excited to chow down. The wine is flowing freely…I love weekends.

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