Homeward bound

I’m glad to be heading home tomorrow.  Chicago has been fun…but I’m tired.  It’s been great fun catching up and sleeping on Meredith’s floor and learning new things at the conference, but I miss my husband and dog (and yes…I do miss them in that order).  

I’m excited to see Charlie…we had to kennel him while I’m gone because Royce was working nights…and we had him trimmed while he was there…I guess they went a little nuts and shaved his entire body (which we wanted) but left his head and tail fluffy.  He is a pretty fluffy dog at baseline so I’m sure he looked ridiculous.  Royce said he looked gay.  So now we have a gay dog that my husband won’t walk (because he is embarrassed for himself or the dog??) so he is taking him back tomorrow so they will trim his tail and head.

I’ll be home tomorrow night, but I won’t see Royce until Friday unless by some act of God he doesn’t get called in for rapid response tomorrow.   Thats never happened yet so I’m not holding my breath.

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