pooped out from painting


I think this room was a bit more than a one day project but we managed to finish it anyways.  We started at around 9 am with taping…so much darn taping…and then we trimmed…and then taped again.  While us girls were trimming/taping Royce was busy patching holes and sanding.  We took the valance down and man does the room look bigger without that heavy thing dragging it down.  As you can see Charlie was instrumental in getting this project off the ground and completed:

Here is inspecting our ability to safely protect our new couches.

And here he is telling Monica that her tape lines are not straight enough:

Now he is telling Royce to quit messing around in the kitchen and get back to work:

Royce still needs to install the moulding around the window (we are in the slow process of replacing all the window and door moulding) but for the most par this room is done with its painting.  This winter we will install crown moulding or maybe we will get to it sooner because our ceiling line turned out really crummy.  We also need to get a new front door.  Neither of us are crazy about the one we have.  Part of me feels bad because after some research I’m pretty sure this is the original 1950’s door which was popular among ramblers in that eara.  The other part of me is pissed at the POs who put up this frosting on the glass so I can’t see out (and there is no peep hole).  Something that brings in a bit more light would be nice.

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