Sometimes I really just wish we had the extra $$ to toss around so I could hire an interior designer to do all this work for me.  Today our love seat gets delivered and before I know it my sister will be in town so I’ve got to come to terms with what to do with this giant living room.  The main dilemma is that the walls of the living room have no stopping point…they go right into the hallway where the doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms and numerous closets are.  So I have to pick something that is relatively neutral, boring, and something that is easy to touch up because well…its a hallway and things get bumped easily.  So maybe a light airy gray with white trim? 

I also need to come to terms with my window treatments.  I’m thinking roman shades in some sort of dark purple…eggplant may be a better way to describe it.  Our friends Al and Katie have this color in their dining room and it is absolutely the sexiest loveliest color ever.  I would love to incorporate it somehow in the living room and I think the best way to do it would be to make the fireplace wall an accent wall and tie the accent wall into the roman shades.

Oh geez I don’t know…  Decisions, Decisions and I’ve got to make some soon!


  1. I think an accent wall on the fireplace wall is a great idea! That will keep your living room from being so beige and neutral. A bold color will do a lot to make it more lively and “sexy.”

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