What was 2 has now become 1

The closet is done!   I labored long and hard (and hungover) on Sunday to put two coats of paint and install the Elfa before Royce came home from work.  It’s hard painting in that small of a space without constantly bumping up against wet paint so I had paint on my elbows for a couple of days and I just noticed some on my toe today at work.  The Elfa was the hardest…all I had to do was install the top track which sounded so simple until you realize that drilling at that angle at that height, and in that small of a space isn’t very easy.  I managed to strain a muscle in my neck while doing it and could barely move at work on Monday but it was fun telling people why.  Saying “I hurt my neck while screwing” causes a mild chuckle to even the most grumpiest of Monday morning people.

Its nice to say this room is done…well except for the furniture I suppose, but that will be done when we finally get new furniture for our room and then our old stuff will become this rooms’ new stuff.  I must put a big thanks out to Ronda and Cory who were instrumental in getting this project started when they visited in March…

Here are some pictures of our new space….a before:

and some afters:


  1. The paint job looks so nice!! Good luck on finding a double oven that costs less than a fortune — I spent hours and hours researching ranges and the prices are mind-boggling! We ended up with a slide-in range because I didn’t want the control panel sticking up in the back.

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