Rome or Bust

After many discussions about the house…where we are…and where we want to be…we have decided to put the basement destruction (reconstruction?) on hold for a while to spend our money elsewhere.  And instead of doing something more reasonable with our spare money we decided to go to Rome and Florance in November.  (I’m sure all finiancial advisors just died a little there…but thats why we haven’t signed up with one yet now isn’t it?) When you figure in the looming date of kid-making and other things that will eventually anchor our precious little feet to this ground, we may as well fly the coop for a while and get away for a long…overdue…european vacation.  Lucky us, thanks to a fare sale from Air France many airlines have dropped thier prices and we can fly direct to Rome on United for less than its going to cost us to fly to Montana in September…go figure.  

So our basement will stay in the current state of ugliness/disrepair that it is.  Hell maybe someday we can start holding AA meetings down there in metal folding chairs because thats what it looks appropriate for.  Instead, we will spend our time up to November working on the yard, enjoying our weekends of biking/hiking and camping and gasp!…maybe we can even save some money.

I for one would prefer to not start the basement project until we can accumulate enough $$ to pay for the the entire thing outright without dipping into the ’emergency 3-month living expenses’ savings and that includes accumulating enough for drywall, flooring, drop ceiling, lighting, baseboards, moulding, furniture…you get the idea.  We will see how long I can hold out.  I bet Royce gets me to cave and we will have drywall installed in July when his bonus arrives..anyone up for guessing the odds?

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