A very domestic weekend

It was a great weekend here.  Weather was sunny and warm and everyone was coming out of their winter shut-in stage for some outdoor cleaning and general neighborliness.  

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning.  Our living room looks empty with just the couch and two charis so I decided we needed a love seat.  The new love seat will also act as a ‘divider’ of sorts to separate the living room from the entryway.  My hope is to have this room completed when my sister comes to visit over Memorial day weekend so I’ll post some pictures then.  

After a record breaking furniture shopping experience (20 mins from the time we walked in to the time I signed the order) we tortured ourselves at Lowes.  We had gotten a gift certificate for the wedding and there isn’t a Lowes anywhere near us, but since we were out in that neck of the woods for the furniture we decided to hit up the Lowes out there and grab up some flowers and soil for the planters on the deck.  Lets just say that everyone else must have had the same idea because that place was chaos.  We had a couple parties to go to on Saturday night so I didn’t get to plant my flowers until Sunday.  It was quite the morning…Royce was washing and waxing my car, I was playing with dirt and Charlie was chewing on his bone.  If you would have told me 2 years ago this would be the highlight of my weekend I would have laughed in your face.  Now its cozy.

It was a busy weekend, but it was worth it when we got to enjoy some burgers outside last night fresh from our grill.

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