What they say is true

When cutting a chili pepper don’t rub your eyes.  Easier said than done when you have allergies and are constantly touching your face whether it be to rub your nose or scratch your eyes.  All I can say is wow.  It burns and it burns for a while.   And it turns really red.

We had a good dinner last night.  Chicken Satay Stir-fry.  If you like panang curries or chicken satay at Thai places then this is a good substitute for home cooking.  Just be careful when cutting that pepper.

It has been a fairly un eventful week here filled with sleeping, eating and working.  We both have this weekend of so we have a large list of things to do.  One of which will be to venture back up to suburban MD to this creepy place called the Kentlands to buy a love seat and hit up Lowes for some flowers.  We have some big planters on the deck I would like to fill with something other than fake plastic ferns which where so lovingly left for us by the previous owners.  I would also like to finish the guest bed closet and get the Elfa in it so we can actually put clothes in there.  And we should probably do some yard work but that is Royces job so I’m not sweating that.  We have a couple of parties to go to as well so it won’t be all work…I’ve scheduled some play in too.

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