A nice afternoon discussion

Me:  Get this…NJ is requiring us to get criminal background checks to maintain our pharmacy licenses.  About a month ago I filled out this lengthy form and figured that was the end of it, but today I got this letter stating they need finger prints. 
Royce:  Nice.
Me:  So now I have to go pay to get finger printed AND I get to send NJ $78 when I send the prints back.
Royce:  Typical.  Nothing like paying for your own background check to maintain a license in a state you don’t even work in anymore.
Me:  Oh and to ice the cake, it all has to be done within 20 days of the letter.  Good thing I’m not on an extended vacation in Europe right now.  Hell I don’t even know where a police station is to go get my finger prints…
Royce:  I bet you can find a police station real fast…just go outside and run around naked.


  1. I feel your pain. I had to do the same thing for both the Missouri and Kansas bar. (we had to pay for our own background checks, too) Luckily, I was still in school and could just go down to campus security and have it done. I was a little upset though, I had made it through 25 years of life without having my fingerprints taken. I was disappointed that my streak was broken.

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