Such a small blog world we live in

I arrive at work half asleep and begin my day as usual by sorting through work email to see if there are any fires that erupted over night.  I then check my yahoo mail and I see this strange reply to one of my journal entries from a while ago.

Yes kids, in this entry I referred to my HS orchestra teacher as ‘hot’.  I would have never admitted this obvious fact at the tender age of 18 because I was a bit shy, but now I’m secure enough these days to know when a striking man crosses my path and Kirt was…lets say…easy on the eyes.  To include in his relative good looks he was also a good father, husband and an incredible musician.  Pile all of this on top of each other and you get yourself a ‘hot’ man.  Lo-and-behold Kirt is one of those types that occasionally ‘googles’ himself to see what pops up and yep, up pops my blog entry where a past student, now 28 referred to him as ‘hot’.  And typical of Mr. Mosier he of course replied and managed to make me all blushy and embarrassed.

So thanks Mr. Mosier for bringing this past student into a laughing fit on this rainy Thursday morning.  And just so you know, you always pop into my mind every time I hear Guns N’ Roses “Live and Let Die” thanks to that awesome arrangement you created for us to play my senior year.  But don’t get too cocky…I also think of Jim each time I hear any random Sousa marches, but not nearly as fondly.  

Just goes to show you that you are never quite sure who reads these things and maybe from now on I’ll only use first names! 

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