Adapting to reality

Vacation is fun.  Arriving home at midnight when you were supposed to arrive home at 6 PM is not fun.  Better yet, knowing that your friends who drove from CO to Kansas City beat you home is pretty painful.  In addition, realizing that you can’t pick up your puppy until Monday AM makes it worse.  

Needless to say, we arrived home safely and acquired puppy on Monday…  Luckily our 4 hour layover in Detroit went relatively quickly since we got to watch a fellow Drake grad win the Masters, and played multiple rounds of 66, a two-person card game Katie taught us on Saturday night.  We also got free dinner courtesy of NWA for our half-day displacement…how thoughtful of them.  We also had a long discussion about airports that are better to be stuck in than others.  By far the NWA terminal in Detroit is pretty cush we concluded.  I think I would rather poke my eyes out than spend 4 hours trapped in the Milwaukee…or even Kansas City’s MCI for that matter…what horrible airports!

Other than playing lots with Charlie it has been a typical week.  We did get our new furniture delivered yesterday and have now stooped to a greater level of neighborly hatred by putting our old couch on the front porch.  Sort of reminiscent of the college frat party days if you ask me.  I’m tempted to sit out there tonight with a beer and heckle people who pass by.  I’ll resist though.  The Salvation Army should be by on Friday to pick up said couch and bring us back up to par with the neighbors.

I’ll tell you this porch has come in handy for all sorts of trash storage.  First it was the laminate from the guest bedroom, then it was various parts of our old/new bathroom, then the wall from the closet, and now a couch.   I wonder if we will ever put a proper patio set out there?

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