Day 3 – Sore legs

Man my legs are sore.  They are better now that I’m out of those ski boots which I think are a best explained as a mid-evil torture device.  Yesterday Katie and I had a half-day of ski lessons…did pretty darn good if I say so myself, only fell once and that was when our instructor was making us skate around on one ski.  The scariest part of the day was taking the first trip up the ski lift.  After a couple of times (like most things) you get used to it, but that first time is pretty scary.  Us girls pretty much stuck to the beginner slope that day which was fine with me.  Royce and Albert went off and did some harder trails and we met back with them as the trails were closing and they were pretty impressed with our progress.

This morning we got up and headed in early with a full day pass.  Didn’t start off the best way, now that I think of it I would have preferred to go back to the beginner slope and get my ‘ski legs’ back before heading waaaayyyy up the mountain to some other easier trails (but not as easy as the one we learned on the day before).  About 2 hours later we made it back to a lift that was able to take us down to the bottom…then we ate lunch and split up again…this time us girls headed back to the place we had mastered yesterday and the guys went on back up the mountain to the harder slopes.  By the end of the day I think I could have gone back up to what we attempted that morning but it was getting late so we stuck to some harder trails near the bottom.

All and all it was a great trip.  I can really see why lots of families do this each year as a family vacation.  We saw lots of kids out there learning how to ski in these packs of little ducklings following a leader.  So cute!  The parents basically enroll their kids in ski school and then split off for the rest of the day and do their own thing.  Talk is already in the air of making this an annual trip…I’m cool with that!  

Al and Katie are cooking dinner tonight and we head out tomorrow.  Looking forward to one more night  of card games and fun with great friends.

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