dog + girl – boy = kind of boring

It has been a fairly dull week here.  Thats what you get when you take the crazy husband out of the picture.  I dropped off Royce at the airport on Sunday afternoon and its just been me and Charlie ever since.  Pretty boring pair if you ask me.  Royce is having fun mountain biking in Fruita, CO with Albert.  I’ll join him on Thursday along with Albert’s wife Katie and all of us will head to Beaver Creek, CO for a long weekend of skiing.

It has been odd around here without Royce.  I sure missed him last night since he left me to drag a trashcan full of plaster and wall parts to the curb (leftovers from the closet re-construction).  This is the can we typically put the dog poo in, so I was surprised when I went to move it and it didn’t budge.  The huge boxes we got with our patio furniture are just going to have to wait til next week.  Considering they are three times the size of me, I didn’t win the battle of getting them to the curb and…I was afraid if I did our county would be picky and decide to not take them and then I would be suck struggling to move them back near the house.

Charlie and I have been blessed weather-wise this week…it has been very nice out, so he has had lots of nice walks.  I actually was a little ‘sick’ today and jetted out a bit early to enjoy the nice weather with my dog.  He had fun chasing the other dogs in the park and playing fetch.  Now he is a huffy puffy panting slobbery mess.  I’ve tried to go out and enjoy the new patio furniture, but each time I get scared of the bumble bee’s.  I need to figure out away to repel those things.  I’m sure all the blooming azaleas won’t help the bee situation much.  I have a carnal fear of insects with stingers…who knows why but they tend to flock to me along with mosquitoes.


  1. I think you and I are in the same boat this week. Pretty boring around here without Albert around.

    I’ve heard that curry plants repel all kinds of bugs. I found them last year that a little nursery in town. I’m going to try them out this year. The mosquitoes and bugs love Albert too.

    • Yep…been thinking about you and how you are doing with Paco and Luna. Charlie goes to the kennel tonight b/c I don’t have time Thursday before the flight, so tonight is going to be really quiet.

      It’s amazing how much entertainment those boys provide.

  2. LMAO

    I about wet myself laughing when I read about Royce’s biker short mishap. Tell him that’s almost as “Seinfeldian” as my amputee neighbor incident 🙂 Have fun in Colorado. I hope the weather is warmer there than here this weekend. See you next week!

  3. Yep….thats my husband. I’m so proud. And he is a doctor too…amazing huh?

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