Blissful weather and day dreams

The past couple of days have been nothing short of perfect weather wise.  Yesterday was sunny, in the mid 60’s with a slight breeze.  Perfect dog-walking weather if you ask me.  Our last couple of nights have been spent walking Charlie and hanging out in our neighborhood park with the rest of the folk coming out of the word-work to enjoy the sun.  Charlie has gotten into chasing birds so our time at the park trying to get him to run is a lot easier.  When we get back from the park we have sitting out on our deck to enjoy a beer.  If only we had patio furniture we could eat dinner out there.  Maybe in May…

Tonight we are going to Cafe Berlin with Amanda and her husband James.  They are leaving to move back to KC sometime at the end of August so I can’t wait to hear about their progress.  It will suck to see them go.  Amanda was my main source of entertainment when Royce was working night shifts since her hubby traveled so often…but I understand their reasons for wanting to get back.  It’s not easy living here…its really not easy getting started on things like buying a house and making a home when things are so damn expensive.  Honestly, if Royce wasn’t a doctor and didn’t qualify for the fancy doctors mortgage we probably wouldn’t be here for much longer either.  It will be fun watching them from afar as they find a house in KC, and build a network there…hell maybe they will inspire us to think that once and for all we could be happy there too???

I’m still holding out for CO.  I’m sure our upcoming trip won’t help my obsession with that state much, but if I could chose a place to live (job opportunities not being a factor), I would pick CO.  Or maybe Oregon….it looks like a nice place too.

Lots of day dreaming lately for me.  With our crappy FDA budget, talk of losing our retention bonus’ have been flying through the air.  They finally became solid this week…and some genius decided to link retention bonus’ to performance.  Typically these things were just given to us after a 1-year of service in order to ‘retain’ us (heh…as the purpose of a ‘retention bonus’) and kind of make our salaries not so laughable in comparison to those in private industry.  Now that they will be linked to performance they really aren’t retention bonus’ anymore are they?  So it has gotten me thinking about what I would do if my boss decided to take mine away (knowing that the fate of 10% of your salary is not in your hands would cause nearly anyone to be a bit nervous right?).  

First, If they took it away I would assume they wouldn’t want to ‘retain’ me and I would leave faster than snot out of my nose on a high pollen day…so then what would I do?  Who knows…I know I couldn’t do full time at CVS for too long without hurting myself (or others) but it is an option.  I would probably try to get back into clinical pharmacy, or clinical research, I suppose someplace at a hospital or a CRO, and try to work my resources within industry to see if I could do a bit of consulting.  If money wasn’t a factor I would change careers…maybe architecture or design???  Or maybe we’ll just move back to the midwest and I’ll open up a Trader Joes franchise and teach Pilates on the side and in my spare time learn how to sew.  Ahh blissful daydreaming…I better get back to work.


  1. I vote for the move back to the midwest! I’d love to have a Trader Joe’s!

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