I’m not sure which I hate more

Drapes or Azaleas?  hmmm…this is a tough one.  One is expensive and confusing, and the other is pokey, ugly and in a current state of disarray.  I give up. I hate them both.

After an interesting day at work  I decided to skip Pilates to spend some time with the hubby outside doing yard work.  This involved picking up leaves (yes…we are STILL picking up leaves) and preparing patches of our lawn for some new grass seed.  Neither are much fun.  It basically renewed my all time hatred of these Azalea bushes.  I think Royce put it nicely by saying this “These things better sprout beer this summer or they are out of here”.  I’ve got a hunch that these bushes aren’t going to last much longer in our yard…what do you think?  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I need something more symmetrical, more maintainable.   I would also like something that doesn’t accost my legs and arms with scratches each time I try to approach the water spigot out front.  I figured we will give them one blossoming chance to change our mind…these things better be pretty damn beautiful for a long time this summer because we have put up with nothing but ugliness since we moved in.

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