late night ramblings.

I’m having a good work week.  This rarely happens so I figured I would document it so I can check back later when I think work sucks.  I’ve gotten lots of good feedback from my presentation I did last week…and honestly the good words from the head-boss-man were all I needed to put me on cloud nine for a while.  To top it off yesterday my immediate-boss-man (I’ve got 3 boss-men in case you were wondering) asked me if I would be the pilot person to start up a program with the NIH.  In short I’ll be working with the clinical pharmacology people over there writing protocols and conducting studies as well as providing some FDA regulatory know-how.  Should be a good experience.  Funny, but just this January I was starting to think about how much I missed this part of drug-development and then…plop…this comes along.  Strange how things work out sometimes.  Add all of this stuff up and I was actually smiling while walking out to my car today thinking how much I like my job.

Our weekend is shaping up to be quite a lazy one.  That is what happens when you have no money and the weather Gods ruin your plans of doing yard work by threatening rain, snow and cold.  I hope we can get out to see a movie. I really want to see The Namesake which is the movie based on a book that I really enjoyed.

I was reading the other day that This American Life, a great radio program, is coming to television.  We have had a hard time catching this show on NPR since we moved to DC.  The NPR station here is actually fairly crummy on the weekends so I miss a lot of my favorites like TAL and Selected Shorts.  I’m also going through Fresh Air withdrawal, I haven’t heard that program since I left NJ.   Now that I think of it our programing is pretty crummy.  Anyways…back to the point.  I’m really excited to see how This American Life is translated onto TV and what kind ofreception it will get from viewers.   If you’ve got Showtime you should check it out.

What I’m reading:  I’m going to have to ditch Blue Highways.  This guy is way to wordy…it is like he is driving 25 mph through America and not really stopping at places I find interesting…so he is going to stay in Kentucky and I’m not sure I’ll ever pick him up again to take him much further.  Any recommendations to take me out of this bad book funk would be greatly appreciated.

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