Empty House

The house guests left yesterday and I came home to a clean but quiet house after work.  I think poor Charlie is depressed that his petting potential went from 12 hands to 4 hands.  Poor puppy. 

The weather here is beautiful right now…sunny and it might it 80 this afternoon.  At least Royce will get to enjoy it as he is off today and plans on either golfing or going to the driving range.  I’m unfortunately stuck at work all day, I do get to leave a bit early but that is for a much needed haircut.  

Our weekend plans are up in the air. All I know is that we can’t spend any money.  I told Royce we could go look at patio furniture, but we can’t touch (or buy for that matter).  Maybe we will just do yard work.  That typically doesn’t involve spending any cash.  We have a lot of work out there to do between pulling up bushes and laying grass seed…not to mention we still have damn leaves laying around from the fall.  I wish it was going to be a bit warmer out, but we will have to take what we can get as our weekends off together are few and far between.

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