When I go home today our bathroom will be done and we will be instantly poorer but far happier.  It has been a good feeling these last couple of days after we moved back into our finished bedroom.  Slowly but surely this house is starting to feel more like a home to us as we have now put our mark on 3 of the rooms and have plans of doing more this week with the Burns clan in town.  Giddy feelings like this get us started about building ‘up’ to create a master suite complete with a bathroom and office, to open up room for 2 kids rooms and a guest room on the main floor.  Who knows if any of this will ever happen, but it sure is fun to let our imaginations consume us, if only briefly, before we get warped back into reality.

As for the next ‘big’ renovation…it will take us a while to recover from the bathroom financial wound, but thanks to every 6 month bonuses I hope we can get the basement dry-walled in June, and maybe…just maybe….this time next year I’ll have a new kitchen.

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