My feet hurt

I started this AM at 7 (Charlie is an unfortunate alarm clock that won’t turn off) with installing the wall plates in the bathroom.
Then we hung the door
and the blinds

Then I got everything out of the master bed room
so I could clean the floor

Then I kissed my husband goodbye as he headed to work

I then started laundry
Lots of laundry
Washed the guest sheets for two beds, our sheets, our new duvet cover, some random beach towels, a comforter, and both mattress pads.  That’s lots of laundry…and I’m not even done yet.
While the laundry was going…down the stairs, up the stairs, back down the stairs (repeat at least 10 times)

While I was down in the basement I vacuumed the floor…and moped the floor.
The floor was gross.

I cleaned the basement bathroom, hung a properly sized mirror and threw away the junk left behind from the previous owners.

I moved our furniture from the guest room back to our room.
I brought up our bed frame,
and moved our bed.

Ate lunch. Fed dog.

I cleaned the guest room floor
Moved the guest bed from the dining room to its proper home and made the guest bed.

Organized laundry area and wiped down the counters.
Put camping equipment away properly.

Washed office floor.
Set up aero bed, made aero bed, tried to keep Charlie off aero bed.
Dusted office…Cleaned off desk.

Fixed window in master bedroom which Royce had fixed at one point but did it backwards.

Made our bed.

Collapsed in bed in our freshly painted room.  : )

More tomorrow….but at least if I run out of steam, our guests, who arrive on Wednesday, will have fresh clean beds to sleep in.

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