Potty Break

I mean bathroom break.  Heck…bathroom update.  It’s been a hard week.

Things with our new bathroom are coming along quite nicely.  The tile went in yesterday, and the vanity, counter top and vanity mirror went in today along with the grout to hold it all together.  All the doors and windows are trimmed too, so that means…we get to PAINT.  WOOHOO!  I can’t wait to PAINT!  (can you sense my sarcasm?)  Contractor Dave said it would be smart of us to get the bathroom painted before the toilet goes in which will happen on Monday.  Now we hadn’t really planned to paint this room until the in-laws left, so this is kind of a last minute thing I’m not really cool with.  But then again I don’t particularly like painting around a toilet either, no matter how clean and new it is…there is just something about my head being that close to a toilet that skeeves me out.

So I get to paint this weekend on the top of all the laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping that accompany preparing for 4 visitors.  And yes that is a capital ‘I’ cause Royce works all weekend the 10a-6p shift.  So much for another lazy weekend.  Our taxes are never going to get done. 

Here are some bathroom photos to tide you all over until you get the final ones on Monday!  The first one is of the new shower, then we move (we are going to the right here kids) to the new vanity, and then it is the new medicine cabinet and light, and the last one down below is of the new custom linen closet Dave made for us. 

That is enough for tonight.  Charlie has discovered his reflection in the fireplace glass cover and keeps barking so I need to go pay attention to him


  1. I love the green paint. I keep trying to figure out where we can work that color into our house. I think maybe the kitchen — if we ever get around to it:)

    • Glad you like it! I chose it based on the colors in our new duvet cover. Royce was skeptical but I think it came out nice and will look even better once we get new furniture in there. The paint color is Sprout(so cute!) from Sherwin-Williams.

  2. Wow, this has come along quite nicely since i last saw it! Just think, in no time you’ll have a nice, new, nicely decorated master bath. I’m sure it’s worth all the trouble 🙂

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