Unexpected travel plans + a good dinner

Royce’s annual trip with his buddies to Fruita, CO and Moab, UT took a different turn this year.  His friend Dain got the opportunity to go hunting with his Dad in Latvia so had to back out.  Since it is impossible for Royce to change his vacation schedule once the schedules are drawn up  we decided to just make a trip out of it.  So Albert and Royce are going to head to Denver and go to Fruita for some mountain biking for the first part of the week and us wives (Katie and I) are going to fly into Denver on Thursday and we all are going to stay out at Winter Park for a long weekend.  Figured we could do some skiing or hiking if there isn’t any snow and just relax.  Colorado really wasn’t our list of things to do this year but I figured it was worth doing something rather than having Royce eat a week of vacation and the cost of a plane ticket.

After we figured out the flight plans for the both of us it was time for dinner.  I combined two recipes for a coconut chicken curry…one from My Better Homes & Garden New Cook Book and one from Real Simple.  Took a little from one, and some from the other and ended up with a really good dinner.  I just hope I can remember what I did the next time I want to make this.

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