We were supposed to get an inch of ice according to Mr. Weather Man this morning on the news but instead we got 6 inches of snow.  Given the odds of them ever predicting anything correctly I’m not surprised at how wrong they were.   I’m  happy though, it was a nice flaky snow, was coming down in big chunks this afternoon as I was painting in the master bedroom which made the task of touching up the windows a bit more tolerable.

I had a busy morning of running errands while Royce slept.  I wanted to get to the grocery store before all the “ice” settled…Mr. Charlie Dog needed food too so that was a big priority.  Got back just as the snow was coming down so I had good timing.  Unfortunately because I had to run my errands I didn’t get to go to Yoga as I had planned to but all is well.  I had a fun time at yesterdays class and will probably go next weekend since I have the time. 

Dinner last night was a great success.  Laura’s Mac and Cheese was just as good as I had remembered it to be.  Charlie had fun too (and behaved relatively well) with all the extra attention given by Miss Laura and Amanda.  Lots of petting was going on so Charlie was in heaven.

Then to add snow on to today. I think he has had a pretty darn good weekend.  I also picked up some more toys for him when I was at the pet store getting food.  He has been a bad dog as of late chewing on anything he can get his over-sized paws on including shoes and socks (and swallowing socks…and then barfing them back up, ahh the joys of pet-ownership).  I figured he needed some new stuff to chew on.  He played with his new toy all day long while I worked in the room.  Such a good dog.  As you can see in the picture he just can’t quite part with the pink doll quite yet, but I figured a football doll would balance out his manliness.

You can see more pictures of Charlie and the snow here.  And Mom…the M&M peanut butter bars turned out perfectly (even when your stupid daughter put in baking powder and baking soda when the recipe only called for soda) according to Royce who even helped make them but he needs some basic measuring tool tips from you the next time you visit! 

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