A weekend of relaxation? really?

I’m sure going to try.  I’m starting my day today (and maybe tomorrow) with some Yoga.  That’s the one thing I love about the place I take Pilates from…if I miss a class I can make it up however I want and today I chose Yoga at 10am instead of Pilates at 8am.  I think after Yoga I’m going to head to the mall to stock up on some stuff I’m nearly empty on from the Clinique counter.

The rest of the day is a wash.  I should take care of some touch-up paint in the master bed room, I should go to Home Depot to get screws to re-install my closet door, I should to taxes.  Key word in all of this is ‘should’.  I may just sit on my ass and read.  I had a stressful week at work. I really can’t complain because weeks like these maybe occur three times a year at best when I have an NDA due.  Regardless…it is a different kind of stress compared to a chaotic pharmacy circus stress that I can typically handle (and bounce back from with a nice bottle  glass of wine).  This stress is a week long mind numbing, door closed, people avoiding, frantic typing, constant analyzing kind of stress as I try to wrap my 70+ page review into something cohesive that identifies all the issues.  And after a day of no human contact coming home is odd…and wine doesn’t help me unwind because my brain just keeps wondering what I’ve missed or what I need to take care of tomorrow.

Tonight, Laura is coming over to teach me how to make her famous Mac & Cheese.  I hate Mac & Cheese, but I had some of hers at Christine’s 30th birthday party in the woods this past September and I’m still dreaming of it…so now she has to teach me how to make it.  I think after dinner us girls are going to head to a movie while Royce sleeps.  He is working the dreaded11p-7a shift tonight, and also worked it last night, so he typically sleeps a bit before going into work at 11pm.

What I’m reading:  Blue Highways:  A Journey into America by William Heat-Moon.  This book is for my book club.  It’s a non-fiction book along the lines of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road…but supposedly it is better.  I sure hope so, because I never could get through On the Road…I pretty much gave up on the book after he had traveled through the areas I was familiar with.  Blue Highways started off good but started to fail after he got on the road…so that isn’t a good sign.  Maybe I’ll push through and find a good rhythm today.


  1. Sad thing for me is that your NDA stress is my job every day!

    Would you mind passing on the great mac and cheese recipe? That is probably my favorite comfort food:)

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