I need another weekend…and the saga of the tile continues

Going to work on Tuesday feeling like you need a weekend to recover from your weekend is not my idea of being well rested but what is a vacation starved Federal Employee to do?  We were busy little bees this weekend.  We managed amongst other things (like trips to Costco, and the grocery store plus dog walks) to get the entire master bedroom sanded, painted, trimmed and painted again….finished up around 8PM last night.  Good thing we had chili in the crock-pot cooking because I was in no mood to head to the kitchen to whip up much of anything else.  

Saturday night we were supposed to go to my co-workers Chinese New Year party but that got trumped by driving to The Great Indoors to pick up tile which was scheduled to arrive on the 17th according to the lady I spoke with on the phone.  Lucky us, on our way to the store it started to snow, which means that traffic comes to a stand still and people start driving like total freaks.  Once there we learned that they were having a 20% off sale on all tile…2 weeks after we just dropped a load of money on our own.  Royce went to work his magic and spoke with some managers and managed to get us $163 back.  After that was all done we were ready to get out of there so we went to the loading dock to pick up our tile.  

We scanned our receipt and I nearly had a heart attack.  Only 1 item was in (the decorative strip) and everything else had a delivery date of May 3rd.  MAY *&^%$ 3rd!  I can’t wait until May 3rd for my stupid tile!!!  The sales man said it would take 10 days…and now it is going to take 3 MONTHS!  Back to the customer service counter we go.  I guess their computer just puts in an ‘arbitrary’ delivery date.  According to manager, our tile is scheduled to be delivered on the 17th (we were there on the 18th), but was probably being held hostage somewhere because of the bad weather (sure blame it on the weather…whatever).  So instead of heading to a party grumpy and tired we decided to drown our home improvement sorrows in margaritas and headed to our neighborhood mexian joint instead.

The next time I do this again we are getting tile 1st and everything else will come after that arrives.  That way we can match the counter top/vanity  to the tile.  This tile has been nothing but a headache.  First we didn’t know what to get becuase our counter top samples were not in (and as of today I still don’t have a sample), and then once we found something we like it takes forever to be delivered.  I’m hopeful it will be in this week because that is all we are waiting for to complete the bathroom…and the room for that matter. 

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