Fabulous evening

I can’t even begin to describe in words how much fun we had at our cooking class tonight.  Lets just say food is so much better when you have to work for it compared to when you have to wait for it.  We made an amazing feast of Steak Au Poivre which is basically steak with crushed peppercorns pushed into one side.   To top the steak we made a brandied cream sauce which was so yummy I would put it on my cereal in the morning if I could.  Our starter was a simple salad of fresh spinach,  hearts of palm, oranges, goat cheese and pecans tossed with a honey-orange vinaigrette.  For a side we made roasted maple carrots, and for a girl who doesn’t like cooked carrots I had to go back for seconds (dipping them in the brandied cream sauce helped some too).  For desert we had an apple tart tatin…we didn’t do much to make this…our partner in crime Marsha did the tart and it was very tasty. 

We walked away with full bellies and a couple of new techniques under out belt not to mention a perfect (and easy) menu for our next dinner party.  Would any of you like to come over?

I’m beat though.  We had a busy day.  This morning we headed out to REI because I’m in desperate need of some new fleece and Royce wanted some new bike shoes.  Since we were out in the area we went and ordered blinds for the master bedroom and bathroom since we will be back in that room before we know it and I would rather have the blinds waiting on us than vice versa.  The rest of the afternoon was spent putting up the new trim and prepping the room for painting tomorrow.  There was a lot of scraping and sanding and nailing and caulking…and lots of dirty jokes about caulk cause we have the minds of 5 year-olds.  Tomorrow Dave is coming to finish sanding the new dry wall and then we get to prime it.  We will also paint the windows and trim tomorrow. 

The busy weekend continues, but right now I’m ready for bed.

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