Goodbye Iowa Loan

Damn it feels good to pay off a loan!  And to think we only have 4 more education loans to pay off!  OK well we aren’t going to focus on those 4 others…lets just bask in the glow of paying off this one can we?  With completing this loan and the expectation of finishing off Royce’s credit card debt this month we will have some extra $$ month to toss around.  Gee I wonder how that will get spent?  I havea feeling this elderly home of ours will find ways to spend it.

You might be thinking why is she paying bills on Valentines day?  Well because we are lame.  Well actually it has been a pretty darn good night.  My day sucked..bad…I was in a really crabby mood because I had to go to work today, which really I shouldn’t be mad about, but none of the roads were plowed after our 4 inches of snow/sleet we got yesterday and I could barely get my car off our street.  To top it off as I was turning into the FDA I nearly got broadsided by a snow plow who didn’t think he had to stop at a red light.  Then none of the FDA lots were plowed so I had to park in the garage which meant I had to go through the ‘real’ security at the main building (not like the fake security in my little building) and I had to wait in a long line of industry folks who couldn’t decide if they needed to take off their coats or not to go through the metal detectors (as I sigh and roll my eyes)…once I did get to go through they gave me hell because my shoes ‘beeped’ (gee maybe it is because they are hiking boots!) and they insisted on rummaging through my bag for my so called ‘camera’.  Whatever.   I think I was the only one in my division at work today.  It was eerily quiet which made for a productive but rather dull day.

When I came home, I hugged my dog, kissed my husband, admired my flowers and drank some hot chocolate.  I then parked myself on the couch as Royce made a fire and I finished my book.  Which was a relatively good read…I did get rather tired of the grown adults calling their father ‘daddy’ through the entire book.  There is something about adult children calling their parents ‘mommy’ and ‘daddy’  that just gives me the creeps.  I guess I just find it degrading…like you are speaking to them as though they are the child and you are the superior.  I don’t know…maybe I’m just weird.  Other than that, it was an engrossing story about an Iowa farming family. 

After I finished reading I figured I would sit and give Royce some company while he was reading, and paying bills seemed as good a task as any so thats what I did. 

Tonight Royce is making dinner.  Chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes and asparagus is on the menu.  We aren’t big Valentines Day celebrators…we prefer to cook in instead of going out.  Instead of presents we have decided that V-Day will be celebrated with gifts of things we can do together.  So this year we are taking a cooking class.  Our class is on Saturday night at the local French cooking school L’Academie de Cuisine.

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