We’ve got drywall!

The drywall went up in the bathroom today!  Our tile will be in on Saturday so before we know it we will have a new bathroom.  We are so excited.  I can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like.  So far everything looks so new and fresh.  

The sleet has started to come down and I just sent Royce off to work.  Federal offices closed today at 2 so now I’m just stuck here twiddling my thumbs babysitting Charlie so he will keep out of Daves way and so we don’t get puppy fur in the spackle.  If I get motivated I’ll finish, double check and finalize our taxes.  Or maybe I’ll just sit on my bum and read my book that I’m so engrossed in it is hard to put down.  I just picked up A Thousand Acres while in the library strolling the isles and I figured that a book that has won the Pulitzer and the National Book Award can’t be a bad read so I checked it out.   Surprisingly, it is turning out to be one of my favorite books.  Maybe I should start picking up random books in the library more often. 

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