A Wintery Mix of things

Today the forecast is for snow, then some sleet, then some rain, and then some more sleet and maybe some more snow.  Fun!  Right now I’m cozy at home looking out my window watching the snow fall and praying that our power doesn’t go out tonight like everyone is fearing it will.  All of this mess is predicted to freeze and then tomorrow with strong winds = trees snapping and power-lines down.  I hope (hope hope!) this is all just media hoopla because we are very ill prepared for a power outage of any length.

We have no generator, or fire wood, and my candles are pretty much on their last stub.  What we do have is two headlamps, two camping stoves and a couple of propane tanks so we won’t starve to death but we may freeze to death.  We do have lots of booze though.  That is something I learned in Buffalo…they don’t stock up on bread and water when it snows, they buy beer instead.  : D

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