The one where Julie and Royce shrivel into nothingness

Man is our house dry.  I was reading blogs the other day and stumbled upon this entry from The Devil Queen which got me thinking.  Gee…I wonder if that fancy humidifier in our furnace is really working?  I was noticing some gapes in the moulding we just put up in the spare bedroom among other things like the changes in our new table (I’ll post a picture later) and large gaps in our wood floors, and the extreme itchiness of the two humans inhabiting this coffin.  I’ve also been suffering from an annoying sinus mess for a good couple weeks now  (been blaming it on the bathroom remodel dust which I’m sure isn’t helping) and Royce has been sick three times since October.  All of this was starting to add up…and I’m suspecting that our 20 year old central humidification system wasn’t working.

I went and cranked it up to 60% humidity and went out and bought a humidistat.  It pathetically registered at 25%.  Ouch.  Anything <35% really is not that good for human life (or wood life for that matter).  No wonder we all feel like shit snot.

I did get my fancy new tool to register 30% last night with the humidifier in our bedroom running at full speed overnight with the door closed.  I guess we will add to our list this weekend, more humidifiers and some plants.

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