Going outside is overrated.

I’ve caught a bit of a cold so I’m not really up to par for doing much other than lazy things like sleeping, reading and petting Charlie.  This afternoon we did venture out to see Letters from Iwo Jima, it was between that and Notes on a Scandal, and we chose Iwo Jima because it is on the Oscars best picture list.  Royce and I were underwhelmed.  We had high hopes because it was a Clint Eastwood film but this one fell short of his others.  Decent story, but I could have told you the ending about 15 minutes into the film and nothing in between was really all that noteworthy.  What was even more depressing is that the matine prices went up to $7.75 and I had to sit through commercials before the movie instead of the typical lame movie trivia that entertains you until the previews.  I don’t get it.  The movie going experience is getting a bit too expensive and dreadful these days.

Before the movie we went to get lunch at a new place called ZPizza.  It was so-so.  Pizza was good, sandwich sucked, service was poor, and the company was awful.  We shared the place with two lazy moms and two misbehaving kids who were left to run crazy around the place and stare at us while we ate….of course the Moms thought they were just SO cute with all their running and yelling and staring.  I hate that.  Your kids are not cute when they stare at me while I eat and scream while running around a restaurant.

The upside to today was that we had an amazing dinner.  I’m trying to experiment with new dishes so that I more to play with for entertainment purposes, so tonight was Fillet of Beef Bourguigonne.  It was the perfect winter dinner choice.  I served it with some simple roasted new potatoes.  I think next time I’ll double the sauce and possibly cook the beef in it for a bit with the veggies to really infuse the flavor into the meat.  Great recipe though…

Royce picked up a shift at the last minute for tomorrow so my plans of shopping for paint and bed coverings for the master-bed room will be done solo (if at all…we will see how my energy level is tomorrow).  I was really hoping to get the windows and doors trimmed in there this weekend too.  Maybe next weekend we will be a bit more productive.

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