that only took 5 months

When you buy a house, someone should really put a heavier emphasis on how you won’t be able to save any money…ever…again.  Cause when we were buying we only heard “oh you will be saving so much money” or “it is such a good investment”.  Fiddlesticks.  I think we have paid down our mortgage a meager 1k and deducting our mortgage interest (the rumored “BIG” savings) only threw us into the bracket of our crummy tax law better known as the AMT.  The only way out of this AMT hole is to either A) have a kid, or B) pray for a tax law change.  Neither of which will be happening anytime soon.  I can only imagine what our 2007 tax year will be like with both of us at full earning potential…  : P

What they should really tell you when buying a house, is that all your hard earned money (after taxes of course) will get sucked out of your hands in ways you never thought by the Home Depot demons and other various home centered devils like the lovely people who took our soggy carpet away.  AND if you don’t have a kid soon you will be known as a DINK (double income no kids) and the tax people will just laugh you all the way to the bank.

Now given my propensity for decent financial planning, I’ve managed to keep our savings fairly steady since we got married…so there was no transferring $$ out, there was just no $$ going IN…and that was where the panicky concern was coming from.

Well today kids, I’ve got news, cause for the first time since Sept 11, 2006, I finally got to transfer $$ INTO savings.  Hip-hip-hooray!

Damn it feels good to be a saver.


  1. Anonymous says:


    You couldn’t be more right about that. Our financial health sank faster than the Titanic once we got the Devil Queen. Once it is finished, if we can’t mortgage enought money out of it to pay off its restoration cost, we’re selling the hussy.

    – John

  2. Savings? Gosh, I think I’ve done that once or twice since we bought our house. Probably less since we got married and paid for our wedding.

  3. That Only Took Five Months

    As you re-read the explanation of your tax situation: See what happens when you put Democrats in office. :)-Chad

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