Back to the norm

It was nice having Royce at home for 5 days straight.  Now that I’m alone tonight I realize how empty this house can be without him around.  We had fun this morning with Charlie though.  We went for a nice long walk and then played some catch before some other dogs showed up and then…well…Charlie can’t focus very well so we gave up catch and let him torment the other dogs.  You can see pictures of our morning fun here

When we got home we had to head out to look at tile.  We still don’t have our counter-top sample (I will never shop at Home Depot again for something like a counter-top) which makes finding tile hard.   We went to The Great Indoors…it’s a good mix of a Home Depot and a Bed Bath and Beyond.  They have a lot of sample bathrooms, kitchens and what not set up so  you can get ideas.  They also had a nice selection of tile and we managed to find something that will look good for the floor and shower.  We also looked a a vanity light but kind of ran out of steam so we headed back home so Royce could rest and eat before going to work.

Once I got Royce fed and off I went off to Home Depot to get a vanity mirror and light.  Both items were found and the mirror was ordered. Hopefully this is the last of the bathroom spending for a while.  We still need to get paint and towel holders and hardware but we will buy that after it is all complete.

I’ve got to work tomorrow at CVS…praying for a slow day, SuperBowl Sunday usually is.  Royce works too, so he won’t get to see any of the game.  After I get off from CVS I’ll be heading over to my friends Leslie & Noel’s house to watch the game with them…well until half-time and then I’ll have to come home at watch it alone with Charlie.

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