Silly Caucasian am I

Many of you may know that I work in a department that where being an American is a minority.  I’m surrounded by various eastern cultures such as India, Asia and Europe with a trickling of a few lost Canadians.  I love it…mostly because I enjoy learning about their various cultures and religions not to mention the fabulous food they all bring to pot-lucks (and restaurants they takeme to for lunch).  Like today for example.  My co-worker Qi (pronounced Chee…like cheetos) brought me this today:

Me being stupid, assumes it is a tomato.  And I’m thinking…why is she bringing me a tomato when A) it looks really unripe and B) this really isn’t prime tomato season.    Much to the chagrin of my other co-workers they set me straight and told me it is a persimmon.  So today after 28 years I had my first persimmon…

They kind of have a weird texture…this one was crunchy like a pear, and had the slight aftertaste similar to dried apricots.  It’s not really all that juicy but it is sweet.  I’m not too sure I like it.


  1. You should let them ripen. When they’re so ripe they’re almost squishy, they’re very, very sweet and yummy 🙂

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