So very loud

I decided to work from home today for many reasons.  First, my little magic token that lets me log into the FDA network expires on wednesday and God only knows when it will be replaced…so I figured I better get while the getting was good because I have no idea when I’ll be able to work from home again.  Second, Dave is staring today on the demo I wanted to witness the first bits of destruction.  Boy howdy is it loud.  I’m sitting in the office with the dog who has found a safe place under the desk while they bang away.  My desk is shaking right now as I type. 

Tonight we are going to head over to a couple of places to look at shower heads/handles and tile.  We are finally going to get the sample of our counter-top sometime this week via UPS.  That only took 4 calls and 3 visits to Home Depot to acquire.  grrr…  Hopefully we can get it by saturday so we can order something.

I hope our house doesn’t fall down with all this banging.

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