New yard art

I think a toilet in the front yard is fantastic.  Especially a brown toilet.

It was an exciting day over here and a noisy one at that.  I guess the bathroom could have pretty much sufficed as a bomb shelter because everything was lined in cement which is typical of houses built in the 50’s.  They call it mud floors but these people took it to the next level and did the walls too.  It is amazing how much crap they have hauled out of that tiny space (and how much crap there is still left).  This afternoon we went to look at fixtures for the shower and got sucked into buying this design from Kohler…which is way more expensive than we wanted to go, but it looks great and sounds like it will work pretty easily.   I’m happy none the less knowing that this will be in our shower for the next 20-30 years.  Skimping on some things just isn’t worth it and it ships from Iowa which is cool.

Here are some before and after shots.  It was hard to get a single ‘before’ shot because the space is so incredibly tiny…the ‘after’ shot was much easier.

And yes…the toilet is still in our front yard.

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