So excited I can’t focus

Before I know it I’ll have chaos on both levels of our house.  The demo starts tomorrow on our bathroom.  I can’t wait!  To top it off, Royce doesn’t have to work again until Saturday, so he can help (and learn) Dave with the demo and hopefully save us some $$$.   Last night we moved everything over to the spare bathroom in preparation.  It is silly but the hall bath is actually bigger than our master-bath.  Not by much, but it at least has more storage options.  The shower wasn’t half bad this AM either.  So far the only thing we have used that tub for since we moved in was to wash the dog.  Tonight we have to move all the furniture out of the room and settle ourselves in the guest room temporarily until everything is done.

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that we can pay Dave some extra $$ to take all the boards from the basement to the dump when he goes to get rid of all the old bathroom stuff.  This will keep us from having to rent a truck for a day to haul it ourselves.  

What’s for dinner:  Well since it is Monday it has to be easy…so we are doing a Chili Tortilla Bake that I got off something from McCormick Spices.  I however must have had a stroke or something because I didn’t put any of the items we need for this recipe on my grocery list…so now I have to go back to the store…which I hate, but I’m hoping I can rope Royce into going so that I can go get my allergy shot.

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