Sleepy and itchy

Between Charlie barking and his general craziness when Royce got home last night at 2 AM and his barfing episode at 5 AM I didn’t get much sleep last night.  Today is going to be a rough day at work.  To top it off it is butt cold here, I don’t think it is supposed to get above freezing today.  My skin is so dry I’m afraid I may just flake away into nothingness.  Wearing a itchy wool sweater today was not the brightest idea I’ve had either but I was too sleepy to think of much else and my top priority was to stay warm, not sane.

Last night was fun however (before the rude awakenings).  I met some FDA people out for happy hour, and met some new people thanks to my Drake friend Kanika.  I swear all the fun young kids are NOT in my division…they are all in drug safety or marketing.  Maybe I should make a carrer change cause the constant lack of socialization I receive here at work it starting to get dull.  (not that work is social hour, but talking to someone at least once during my day would be an improvement).

I later met Amanda out for sushi, it was OK…as good as sushi gets in Silver Spring.  The next time we do this we will be going to Matchbox near Chinatown.  We didn’t go last night because there was a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert going on at the Verizon center and I didn’t feel like waiting for hours for a table.


  1. Mmmm…Matchbox…can’t wait 😉 Let’s just hope we do it on a warmer day.

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