The current state of things…

…is kind of chaotic.

Royce got this bug to attack the basement.  So he started with the drop ceiling (which is piled in the right) and today he started taking down the walls.  It is a mess.  That’s about all I can say.

And for those of you planning on visiting us anytime soon. Consider this a warning…

Charlie likes to lick the dirty silverware, so never re-use something that’s been in there without washing.  I figure we tell him no enough, so we let him have this one small luxury.  It is quite funny actually and at least we have some company while washing dishes.

What’s for dinner:  We had a chicken and rice casserole.  It is boring, and easy, but that’s what Monday dinners are all about right Mom (and your darn Monday salmon patty nights!)?  For dessert we had my new obsession…ice cream with Rice Chex.  You mock me and go yeck!  But just try it, its like little ice cream cones in your ice cream.  Tasty!   : D

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