crazy puppy + crazy customers = snow

We finally have snow!  Man we waited a long time for this one.  And it is a real snow, not one of those teaser snows cause thing are actually sticking.

Royce is at work so hopefully between the snow and the playoffs people will leave him alone.  Our shifts last night made for some great dinner time conversation.  The crazies were out yesterday I guess getting ready for the snow.  In the course of 6 hours I caught a person calling in a fake script for a controlled substance,…had some lady show me her ‘rash’ on her butt crack (yes, this really did happen even though I begged her I didn’t need to see it),…had to convince some guy that we don’t carry anything in the pharmacy to treat the blister in his eye and that he should go see his doctor,…and I had to listen to my annoying tech lecture a doctor about writing her own script for her sinus infection.  It was one of those odd priceless days that ended by me being able to tell the fake script caller that in-fact, no their prescription was not ready, and quit calling in fake scripts to my pharmacy!!! Priceless.  It makes me feel good to know that one abuser went last night without their Vicodin thanks to me (even though I know they probably called in multiple scripts to other pharmacists that day who filled them not knowingthey were fake).

Today was spent running mindless errands.  I had to go to Target…and then I had to get Charlie some food (and toys)…and then I had to get us some food for the week too.  I better get back to watching Charlie play with his new toys.  I got him this thing called a Kong, it is this amazing rubber toy that you can shove food and peanut butter into.  So far it has kept him busy for a hour…pure genius!

What’s for dinner:  Tonight it’s Fajitas!  Can’t wait!

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