Hyper puppy

The weather has to be changing or we have an insane dog.  Yesterday while working from home I pulled an assortment t of things from his little puppy mouth.  He love slippers, and flip-flops…and Kleenex…  Strange dog.

It was a pretty typical week here.  I went to a great Mexican place with my friend Kim from work on Tuesday night.  Wednesday night I had band practice and Thursday I finally got to see my husband and have dinner with him.  Last night we trekked over to Virginia to see Lindsay for her birthday at the Clarendon Grill.  It was lots of fun to see the girls again, and luck must have been smiling on us because we didn’t have to wait for any METRO trains! (it is the small things in life that make us happy).  We also met some cool couples so hopefully we all can get together again soon, preferably in the District next time. 

In other news, it has been wicked windy here the last couple of days which has taught us that we desperately need new windows.  I’m pretty sure, that when your curtains inside blow around when the wind blows outside, your window’s are not very energy efficient.  Just another thing to add to the exhausting list of things to do around here.

Today we both work.  Royce has the 10-6 shift and I’ll be working at CVS from 2-8.  I just got finished cleaning all the floors.  Puppies make floors messy.  Charlie whined the entire time I cleaned…he hates a clean house.

What’s for dinner:  I’m looking forward to our lazy pizza dinner tonight…small things like this make my day at CVS go a lot faster.  But I must add that on Thursday we had one of my favorite dinners.  I haven’t made it in a very very long time but it was a MOM staple growing up.  Royce loved it too so maybe Hamburger Crackercrumbs will become a staple here. 

What I’m reading:  The Bear Went Over the Mountain by Kotzwinkle, so far so good.  Funny book about a bear who finds a novel and goes into the city to sell it.  It is for the book club of Amanda’s that I’m crashing on Feb 3rd…so I better get to reading!


  1. MMM…hamburger crackcrumbs sounds good. Does it have tomatoes in it? If not, will you kindly email me the recipe?

    Glad you’re liking the book so far. I’m going to start it next week after I finish this Stephen King monster of a novel. I’ll need a good comedy after this one, heh.

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