unexpected afternoon

I thought all the cussing coming from the basement was because Royce had shrunk one of his new sweaters in the dryer.  If only it had been that simple!  The drain hose from the washing machine had become detached and there was water EVERYWHERE.  So our afternoon which should have been spent watching the Bears, was spent sucking up water in the ShopVac.  Not fun.  Part of the basement is unfinished and nothing really all that valuable was on the floor.  A couple of our bags got wet but those can be dried out.   The half of the basement with the carpet will no longer have carpet after today. The water seeped from one side of the basement to the other and had pooled in really odd places.  So we decided instead of trying to dry out extremely ugly carpet we will just have it ripped out.   Not exactly how I wished to spend my holiday weekend but oh well, shit happens.

So no painting got done, no floors got moped and no movies got to be seen this weekend.  We did stick to our plans and I went to my cooking club and then went over to Karen and Dan’s for dinner.  I’ve eaten so much the last couple of days I swear I’ve gained 5lbs this weekend o I’ve gotta get my ass in gear and get back into shape for my own sanity.  Shouldn’t be too hard to get motivated considering it is a mere 65 degree’s out today.

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