Bathroom on the brain

Who new picking out stuff for a new bathroom would be so hard?  No only are you trying to get things that are reasonably priced, they have to match.  Which means the cabinets must match the counter top, which must match the floor tile, which should complement the shower tile, which in turn should match the cabinets…you can see the vicious circle.  If the world was perfect you would pick a counter top that came with matching tile idea’s at various costs.  Now that would be cool!

Maybe that’s my million dollar idea and my ticket out of the FDA and CVS.  Stay tuned.

So, we didn’t come home with much but some idea’s on prices on the cabinet and counter-top.  I figure once we buy those 2 items I can get samples of the wood and marble and go from there to pick out the tile.  I’m going to check with Dave-the-contractor first to make sure the prices at HomeDepot are comparable to the prices he can get from his people.  

In other news, Charlie finally learned how to play fetch with his ball.  He has been playing fetch for a while with this pink doll we gave him for Xmas but it is much easier to carry a ball to the park than a pink stuffed doll.  It’s also cooler to play fetch with a ball.  

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