New toys, I mean blankets

Charlie got some presents today from Mom Bullock.  She sent us two fleece blankets since Charlie loves ours so much.  Needless to say Charlie had lots of fun with his blankets this morning.  He wrestled them, and bit them, and drug them everywhere around the house with him.  He likes his new presents…thanks Mom! 

Our day was fairly un-eventful.  Royce had to stay longer at work than expected and didn’t get home until 6:30 AM so he slept pretty much the entire afternoon while I just putzed around the house.  When he woke up we took Charlie for a walk and made a trip to the library.  We went to the neighborhood pub to watch the Chiefs game this evening.  Pizza was great, football was awful.  I can’t believe that first half…very painful to watch.

Now we arejust chillin in the living room with a fire going enjoying some hot chocolate planning our day for tomorrow.  We have some bathroom fixtures to pick out before Dave can start on our master bath so I’m sure a trip to Home Depot is in order.  I also wouldn’t mind finding some paint for the dining room so that we can start on that project next weekend.

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