Since we have been bloging a lot about house updating and our plans to change things, I’ve gotten some inquiries about the floor plan.  So, my remedial drawing skills got put to the test today. I left out the boring things like closets, but for the most part all the bedrooms have at least one.  The room that we just finished is the guest bedroom. 

If you click on the picture you can get a bigger view.  And even larger view can be seen here.

The basement level isn’t anything all that exciting.  Basically if you split the house lengthwise (the long way), the part towards the front is unfinished and contains storage and a workbench for tools and such.  The other half (under the dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom) is finished, and will eventually turn into our family/TV room once we have enough money to furnish both the upstairs and downstairs.

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