Just enough time off

The unexpected 4 day weekend was just enough time to feel like a good break, but not too long to make you feel like you can’t imagine working for the next 30 years and you wish you could retire instead.  I was ready to go back today.  It isn’t very much fun hanging out with a poopy dog, and a snotty husband.  So I let them hangout today together.  I also had a ton of meetings so that helps keep me occupied a bit better than siting at my desk with no interruptions for 8 long hours.

In other news we had ContractorDave over tonight to give us some final measurements on our master-bath and confirm that we will be able to put a 42″ vanity in there when all is said and done.  We will be going out this weekend to buy the stuff he wants us to get for the bathroom.  The rest of the stuff he picks out, but we are in charge of the vanity, tile, countertop, and fixtures.  He is a pretty good guy…I’m glad he can fit us in.  We also feel good because he has done a lot of work for one of Royce’s co-workers and he also recently refinished one of my FDA co-workers bathrooms.  Hopefully if everything goes well we will have a new bathroom by Feb 23rd.

In other news Charlie peed on the carpet today. I figured it wouldn’t take him long to test it out.  I guess he has to make absolutely sure that he really can’t pee anywhere in the house before he will give in and just settle with going outside.  Silly dog.  And after almost  5 consecutive accident-free days.  I’m glad I didn’t pay top dollar for that rug now! 

I better get Royce and Charlie to bed.  They both are falling asleep on me tonight.

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