Wierd Dog

So I thought (and our vet even told us) that when dogs get their shots they become a bit sleepy and lethargic for a couple of days.  Not Charlie, he is as hyper as ever.  Right now he is running around with his toys and biting me.  He likes to pull all of them out of his crate and bring them to me on the couch.  Strange dog.  I hope he calms down a bit before bedtime or I’m in for a long night since Royce works the 11p-7a shift tonight.

I didn’t get any good shopping done today as I had hoped. Royce has come down with a cold (I’m sure I’ll have it by the weekend) so he wasn’t in the mood to try on clothes, I really don’t blame him.   We went to Cost-Co instead since we needed papertowels because Charlie whiped out our stock by peeing all over the house.  While there we scored a new rug for the dining room.  Its no Pottery Barn rug, but it is a lot cheaper and will last as long as Charlie can chew through it, and honestly it looks pretty darn good.  The room is coming together.  We need to decide on some paint colors, maybe we will tackle painting this room over the long MLK birthday weekend.  For those of you who like pictures (Mom)…here is what it currently looks like.

Once we decide on paint, I can get some window coverings so we can get rid of that horrible valance.  Charlie pooped on the main curtains so all that is left is the sheers which really don’t do much but block his reflection when he starts barking at it.  Also, some day very far away from now, the wall on the right will be taken down to open up the kitchen.  We will probably put an open island right there for an informal breakfast nook.

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