Contractors are weasles.

After a very restless night with Charlie we had a full day of contractors, walks and deliveries.  We had a couple people out to give quotes on the bathroom and one for the yard.  I think these people assume we are made of $$ because we are a doctor and a pharmacist.  If they only new how much medical school costs!  ; )  We got two reasonable quotes on the bathroom and one ridiculous one from a fool who wanted us to draw up a master-plan and get it ‘approved’ so that when we sell we will have a ‘certified bathroom’.  I guess we don’t have a real bathroom now. What a jerk.  He also said it couldn’t be done for less than 20k.  Funny…we got 2 quotes for half that!

Anyways, the guy who said our yard would only cost $5k last week gave us a quote of $10k this afternoon…  Grr..  So now we are back at the beginning and are looking into fencing in the front yard for Mr. Charlie Dog.   Fencing the front yard doesn’t involve a retaining wall and tons of fill dirt.

Other than that, our table, hutch and entryway catchall was delivered this afternoon, almost 2 months after we bought it.  It all looks great.  I’ve got some stuff to look for this weekend including a rug and a light fixture along with some place-mats and a table cloth. I’m hopeful I’ll find some good after Christmas or New Years sales.

Tomorrow it is all about Hawkeye football.

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